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Who We Are

Natural Upcycling is Upstate New York’s premier food scraps/organics collection company. Our focus is to collect organic or food waste and turn it into a renewable resource – such as electricity or natural gas – through a process called anaerobic digestion.

We recycle over 9,000,000 lbs of food waste per month which reduces carbon dioxide pollution by 3,964 metric tons or the equivalent of taking 10,269* cars off the road monthly.

*calculated using stop waste.co/calculator

What We Provide

We create a customized program for waste disposal that meets your organization’s needs, large or small. Our clients include: restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, universities/schools, cafeterias, food manufacturers and food distribution centers.

Natural Upcycling‘s services include pickup in bins (provided either by us or customer), large containers, or the client can deliver to the AD site in large containers. We offer zero-waste depackaging services for palletized out-of-spec or expired food products (liquid or solid). We also offer the WasteMaster technology for larger food waste generators. Certificate of destruction (COD) available.

Where We Are

Natural Upcycling currently collects source separated organics in the shaded areas shown in the map shown to the right (DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA), and is upstate New York’s largest landfill-diverting food waste collection company.

If you are within these regions, please reach out to us to learn more about joining in our mission to redefine organic waste. 585.584.3124. 

Food Waste in the News

Learn more more about how you can partner with Natural Upcycling.